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Cloud Computing Solutions
Cloud Computing Solutions
Cloud Computing is a term that conveys the use of information technology services and resources that are provided on a service basis. Basic definition of cloud computing is the use of the Internet for the tasks you perform on your computer. The "cloud" represents the Internet.

In today’s scenario, cloud computing is available in following three basic options:-
  • Cloud Computing as a Platform
  • Cloud computing as Service
  • Cloud computing as Infrastructure
Cloud Computing as a Platform
It is the basic structure on which applications stand, just as the train stands on the Railway platform. In other words, it is what runs our apps.
Windows, Apple-Mac, Linux etc are OS
But a platform doesn't have to be an operating system. Java is also a platform even though it is not an operating system. Through cloud computing, the web is becoming a platform.
Cloud Computing as a Service
This is the Top most layer of the cloud computing stack - directly consumed by end user - i.e. SaaS (Software as a Service).
SaaS is a recurring subscription based model delivered by Micropro to customer on demand. SaaS is going to be best bet for SMEs/ SMBs (Small & Mid size businesses)
Micropro’s cloud based applications provide easy access and retrieval to the data from different locations with robust security using 128 bit encryption for the user id and passwords. Micropro provides hosting services for the java based applications where the client company purchases the login ids on monthly rental or subscription basis.
Cloud Computing as Infrastructure
Micropro provides Infrastructure services on cloud where it offers you the choice of virtual computer, where you can select a configuration of CPU, memory & storage that is optimal for your application. The whole cloud infrastructure viz. servers, routers, hardware, based load-balancing, firewalls, storage & other network equipment are provided by Micropro. The customer buys these resources as a service on a need basis.
Micropro’s Cloud computing Solutions:
Micropro e-Business Solution (ERP), HMIS, etc are Java based applications which are on cloud. They can fetch same information and perform the same tasks whether we are at work, at home, or even a friend's house.

Micropro has introduced state of art products on cloud during 2010-11. They are:
ERP: e-Business Solution for SMEs
Micropro’s e-Business Solution for SMEs is one such application which uses the cloud for integrated operations of a Company from multiple locations. Modules like Finance, HR, and Inventory Management, Sales & Distribution, Manufacturing, CRM are covered in it.
A state of art Hospital Management Information System (HOSPYCARE) is again similar web based application which is on cloud. In this, the patient OPD, IPD management and their back office integration is achieved online. It has unique feature for patient information portal where he can book the appointments on web for any doctor.
E - Governance Solutions ( e-DTS etc)
E-Document tracking system and portal is one of the finest application developed by Micropro which is extensively used in government undertakings and departments like Municipal corporations etc. This is completely web based application cum portal which is working on cloud technology.
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