Financial Consulting Services

We Offer financial services to develop action plans and execute them efficiently.
Micropro has collaborated with finance experts to provide wide range of financial services, including Management assurance, Risk Based Internal Audit, Enterprise wide Risk Management, Internal Control Reviews, Internal Financial controls (IFC) compliance advisory and Audits, SOP documentation, Cost analysis, Enterprise performance reviews & assessments, Designing of MIS and Dashboards, Forensic, Corporate Finance, Information Technology, Accounting Advisory.

We have a team of qualified Chartered Accountants with deep experience across every sector of financial services. We can help you develop action plans and execute them efficiently, to ensure you achieve real and sustainable performance improvement.

The principal objective of our professional service has been and will continue to deliver the value to the client with integrated approach and contribute to their growth for sustainable development. Commitment to competence, ethics, and excellence to provide need based services to clients has always been our forepart aim. We always endeavour to be worthy to our clients.

We provide following services:
Assurance and Advisory:

a) Management assurance
Process review and Validations
Revenue Assurance

We assist management in understanding the Gaps between "as is" and "to be" in the process. Good processes are core to any organization and we, with structured approach, support management in developing good processes within the organization for sustainable base. Revenue assurance addresses in Identifying, remedying and suggesting for prevention of errors in revenue cycle and plug the revenue leakages in all income stream.

b) Risk Based Internal Audit

Internal Audit has become necessity in mid-size organisations. Internal audit is always grossly misunderstood as sibling to Statutory audit or function for checking tax compliances only. Modern Internal auditor is consultant and with analytical skills helps businesses to improve processes, Internal controls and addresses entity wide risk. No business can achieve balanced growth unless continuously monitored; implementation of robust internal audit mechanism facilitates the same. Being an expert in the area since 1997, Our Integrated approach of 360degree scrutiny of transaction in internal audit is unique which identifies the areas for improvements in all functions of the entity and also helps management to have business insights from outsider’s point of view.

c) Enterprise wide Risk Management

Risk is pervasive across organizations. We strongly believe that entity must carry out risk assessments on regular basis. In dynamic business scenario, businesses are exposed to many external and internal risk. Internal risks are more deteriorating to business if not identified and addressed in time. We assist the organization to identify, manage and mitigate all the risks across the entity.

d) Internal Control Reviews

Business can scale high, only if, monitored properly. Internal controls are lifeline for any organization’s success and survival. Operational Risks & frauds and controls are inversely proportional. Management needs to build strong control within the organization for seamless functioning and achieve its objective. We support entity through our deep study of internal control frameworks, to identify the gaps in Internal controls and suggest improvements for robust control systems.

e) Internal Financial controls (IFC) compliance advisory and Audits

The Companies Act, 2013, made it mandatory to all entities and auditors to certify that Internal Financial Controls (IFC) are in place, implemented & operating effectively and disclose this fact in Annual report. As compliance, the entity needs to prepare the “Risk control Matrix” for all significant account balances and classes of accounts. We assist management in preparing Risk control matrix and also test the controls required for IFC’s. Management would strengthen the controls through this activity.

Business Advisory:

Quality Management Systems. (SOP Documentation)
Entity’s commitment to competence and Operational efficiency is reflected through its policies and procedures. Well thought out and implemented policies and procedures ensure:
Best practices, helps to establish a professional and effective organization
They provide consistency amongst staff, prevent ambiguity and brings harmony
More efficient and effective delivery of service

All the big businesses were built on strong organizational policies and procedures. We aid owners to develop such policies and procedures and document standard operating procedures (SOP) which ensures documentation of Internal controls, work instructions along with roles and responsibilities within the organizations. This exercise is more than just “write what you do and do what you write” We believe that doing and writing appropriate procedures helps the entity to build up strong processes for seamless operations and scaling up.

Cost analysis:

The entity gets competitive advantage only if it is cost competent. The business must analyse the cost structure & its behaviour. Business will be in dark if costs are not tracked along with its nature. In business, Costs should be benchmarked, bifurcated and controlled. We assist the entity to evaluate the product costs and also identify the opportunity to reduce costs and suggest ways for cost competency.

Enterprise performance reviews & assessments

Performance measurement is the process of collecting, analysing and reporting information regarding the performance of an individual, group, organization, system or component. Hence, implementing performance measures is a great way to understand and manage and improve what a business organization does. No entity is said to have performed unless the performance is measured with different perspective. Under caption “Are you performing”?, we critically assess the quantitative and qualitative factors of all functions of the business and also on the lines of balanced scorecard approach, assist management to set up the Key performance Index (KPI) for precise performance review’s

Designing of MIS and Dashboards

The business grows if the decision makers take right decisions on the basis of right information at right time in right format. Experience has shown that businesses having potential do not flourish if there are no information systems in place. We design the information system for entities according to information needs at Various levels of management and endeavor to create decision support system in the business. We also contribute to management’s efforts for creating functional dashboards

Forensic Advisory:

Frauds are like termites and it eats up the organization motive from within. Employee and occupational frauds are common in an entity. We are experienced team in forensic services and in investigations which assist management in investigations, suggest the internal controls to combat frauds and also document the anti-fraud policy with following services
Fraud Investigations
Fraud prevention advisory
Documenting Anti-fraud policy
Surprise Audits

Corporate Finance:

Loan Syndications
Private Equity Advisory
Debt restructuring

Finance is lifeline of any organization. Getting adequate funds from right source at right time benefits the entity to maintain its liquidity and long-term solvency. We arrange adequately assessed funds for clients through banks and NBFC’s with accomplished counselling and guidance. We also assist the eligible clients for getting equity partner at right time and also restructure the debts wherever needed.

Information Technology:

Information system audit
SOD (segregation of duties) assessments

IT is now backbone of any organizations. The assessments of data security and appropriate internal controls in application along with other IT general controls has become necessity. We carryout thorough information systems audit for businesses and for banks.

Accounting Advisory:

Advisory on Accounting (Accounts manual, Charting of accounts, mapping Accounts to MIS)

The business with poor accounting systems will be struggle to scale up. According to Warren Buffet “Risk comes from not knowing what you're doing” Good Accounting will keep business informed all the time. As Tax planning starts from the voucher stage, correct accounting shall also help the right compliance with accomplished accounting system. We help clients to set up robust accounting systems through accounting advisory.