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Company Managed Distribution Solution

We have complete solution for Distribution Channel
We work to ensure that your product distribution channel should be smooth with complete control over it.

The products reach the customer through Distribution and supply chain function from the place of manufacturing. The customer demands are fluctuating very rapidly and they expect faster delivery of products and services. The distributors face many challenges today. Integrated Distribution Management systems is the solutions to mitigate these issues and make distribution systems efficient for achieving growth & success of the company.

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Challenges Faced By Business for product distribution
  • No clarity in future demands due to fluctuating customer needs.
  • Dilemma of inventory Balancing.
  • Due to Demand fluctuation and customers expecting quicker deliveries, difficult to manage inventory levels and ensuring quick order processing.
  • With the enormous e-commerce growth, customers do not want to wait, if the order processing is inefficient then it may lead to interruption & delays in deliveries.
  • Lack of financial visibility due to manual account and book keeping resulting in duplication and island of data.

Mircopro's offers complete solution, OpenSys-Logix Distribution Management System gives complete visibility to distribution channel from suppliers to end customers. It connects the whole complex chain that most distributors face nowadays. Distributor Management System allows to organize, analyze and make the distribution channel work flawless in less time with more accuracy.