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Fully Integrated Cloud Based Distribution Management Software


OpenSys-Logix’s powerful analytical tools analyzes historical data and current market trends to suggest future product(s) demands as well as provide comprehensive reports for better decision making.

OpenSys-Logix helps for Tracking at every step of product distribution channel to achieve the goal of bringing the product closer to prospective customers as well as its target market.

  • Multilocation, Platform Independent Online DMS.
  • Easy and Fast Implementation
  • Complete Distribution Management from Single System
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    Open Sys Logix

    How we can help your business

    You can advance your business with our distribution software. With tightly integrated modules all distribution processes are automated thereby improving the operational efficiencies.

    DMS Business Help
    Front Desk & Billing

    Demand Forecasting

    Our system will use powerful analytical tools to analyze historical data and current market trends to suggest future product(s) demands. The distribution ERP solutions also analyze data and provide comprehensive reports for better decision making.

    Front Desk & Billing

    Distribution Management

    System will Maintain and update data of demand and supply in the entire chain that will improve the operational efficiency.

    Front Desk & Billing

    Minimize Errors and help Timely Deliveries

    Our automated system will improve order processing function resulting in timely deliveries with minimum error & ultimately customer satisfaction.

    Micropro DMS Features

    OpenSys-Logix is a fully integrated cloud based software consisting of Administration, Stock Accounting, Sales Force Automation and Asset & merchandise item modules that provide real-time view of all distribution activities that occur across the organization. Facilitates informed decision making.

    Sales Force Automation (SFA) for Frontline Sales Force

    Equipped with SFA Mobile APP
    DMS Mobile App
    • Beat and Root planning for DSR,ABM (Enables daily visits to stores in Structured manner)
    • Geo tagging of store visit (Getting Insight on daily market activity by DSR to team above front line)
    • Addition of new retailer (onboarding). – Quick onboarding of new store with SFA app
    • Focus item for order booking – Manage Priority product promotion for inventory/goods in stock.
    • Product Display and Planogram – Swift check by DSR on store promotional activity with SFA app.
    • Area business manager beat and root mapping/tracking – GL,TL market activity tapped with SFA app.
    • Product image in item master of SFA. – for order booking product image with multiple volume on SFA app.
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