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Municipal Corporation is the primary organization responsible for urban governance. To improve efficiency and effectiveness of its IT related operations, it is necessary to enhance the level of service and improve technical expertise to ensure efficient processing with cost optimization.

Property tax is one of the major revenue sources for Corporation. Municipal Corporation uses these funds to provide facilities like roads, lights, water, remove waste from city etc. to its citizen. Assessment of property, levy and collection of Property Tax are main key functions performed by the Assessor and the Collector department.

There are two valuations Systems:

Capital value system

  • Capital value is the present market value of the property or land.
  • Property will be valued based on the rates of Ready Reckoner that includes rates of land as well as buildings
  • The Ready Reckoner gives the rate of area per square meter and is fixed for certain periods.

Ratable value system

  • The Ratable Value is calculated as the rent that a property fetches or may fetch, minus certain deductions
  • In cases where a property is let out on rent, this rent is the base for computing the Ratable Value.
  • If the property is owner occupied, the rent-earning capacity of that property is estimated using the Residential Letting Rate (RLR) Method

Micropro's Solution

A web based comprehensive system was develop in coordination with VIPL which takes care of inward, property assessment, demand generation, amendments in properties, generation of revised demand based on property amendments, collection of property tax and non-demand fees like schedule fee etc., generation of receipts, refunds, survey details, history of properties, linking of properties, online payment gateway, provision to levy penalty, citizen complaint Redressal system, tracking of court cases, notices, letters, integration with 3rd party software, interface for mobile device for various activities like measurement of property, inspection and view data of property etc.


  • Reduction in Manual intervention hence reducing the risk of errors
  • Transparency and Control through Detailed Real-Time Reporting
  • Accurate and Consistent data through Automation
  • Labels of forms and reports in multiple Languages

Functional Features

All the forms in solution have various checks and auto auditing with efficient alerts management. Facility to store scanned copy of property tax assessment documents that will be provided with unique file identification number, also providing facility to retrieve documents. All the labels of forms and reports will be multilingual; however the data entry and reporting will be in English.

  • Application Administration
  • Web based Capital Value application
  • Assessment/Re-Assessment
  • Demand Generation
  • Payment Collection
  • Refund processing
  • Recovery of property tax
  • Refund processing
  • Complaint Redressal System
  • Court Cases Information
  • Penalty
  • Vigilance
  • Portal services
  • Interface / web services for 3rd party tools/applications like SAP, GIS and others.
  • Management Information Systems (MIS) or reporting.
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