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If you work in the healthcare industry, you might be aware of how important a role an HMS plays. A major chunk of the hospital’s operations depends on a hospital management system or HMS. A well-designed hospital management system takes care of everything right from the front desk, patient admission, and nursing to pharmacy, finance, and more.

Using an HMS has a lot of potential benefits and as a result, more and more hospitals are now adopting these systems for an enhanced workflow. So, if you are still wondering whether a hospital management system would be a right fit for your organization then this article is sure to help you out.

Advantages of using Hospital Management System

All your data at one place:

In a manual system, all of your hospital’s data is scattered, making it difficult to keep track of it. On the other hand, in a digitized HMS, all of your data is available at one place. At just the click of a login button, you have access to all of your important data. Whether it is a patient’s medical history, total medicine inventory, or a doctor’s revenue for a day, everything is digitally stored on your computer.

Easy Accessibility to Services for Patients

An HMS is not just beneficial for a hospital but for a patient as well. A patient can easily access a hospital’s services from anywhere and at any time with the help of a hospital management system. Doctor’s appointments can easily be booked with a click as booking an appointment no longer means waiting in long queues or constantly dialing on a phone all thanks to the integration of an HMS.

Completely paperless interconnected system

From the time a patient enters a hospital to the time the patient steps out of it, everything is paperless. Whether the doctor wants to write the patient a prescription or the pharmacist wants to generate a bill, HMS digitizes every process and makes it completely paperless. Moreover, the various departments within a hospital are better connected with each other, making the process even more hassle-free.

Report Generation and BI dashboard features

Most HMS systems also come equipped with report generation as well as business intelligence dashboard features. These features can help the hospital management make more informed decisions depending upon the statistics. On the whole, this helps improve the overall efficiency and working of a hospital while enabling to figure out anything that could be going wrong with the hospital.

Secure System

Hospital management systems come with multiple layers of security which ensures that all of your sensitive data is safe and well-protected. Different users have different login ids and passwords ensuring that even one person cannot access the other person’s data. This also helps drastically reduce the chances of data leakage or theft.

What you lose out on without an HMS

Your Workflow is Unorganized

One of the main issues that an HMS serves is that it streamlines a hospital’s workflow and makes it more efficient. Without an HMS, your workflow will be all over the place making it extremely difficult to keep track of everything happening in the hospital.

There is a lot of scope for errors and mistakes

A manual system leaves a lot of scope for errors and mistakes which are eliminated if an automated system is in place. With a digitized HMS, you avoid the chances of human errors which would otherwise occur in a manual system.

You lose out on good quality ratings and customer satisfaction

An HMS-enabled hospital will obviously be more efficient and scalable in its processes as compared to the one that doesn’t use an HMS. All of this, in turn, contributes to an enhanced patient experience and customer satisfaction.

Moreover, if you wish your hospital be a top preferred one by insurance companies then having an HMS is a must. Insurance companies are known to prefer hospitals that are capable of sending patient information and medical records electronically.


To sum it up, you are very likely to lose out on a lot without a proper hospital management system in place.  Hence, if you haven’t already, it is time to get that HMS installed.

Micropro’s ‘HospyCare’ is one such HMIS that is developed to manage a hospital’s information in an efficient manner while trying to eradicate the major flaws that occur in the manual system. HospyCare takes care of a host of departments within a hospital and works to ensure that all the processes are flawlessly executed. HospyCare is extensively used in major hospitals not just in India but also in hospitals abroad in the UAE, Africa, and more. To know more, contact us today.

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