In a world that is rapidly getting digitized, healthcare is an industry that is keeping up with its pace too. Long gone is the time when hospitals, especially the bigger ones, would handle all their records and other processes manually.Taking care of and maintaining records for all the departments within a hospital manually can be quite a cumbersome task. And that is where HMS (hospital management system) comes to the rescue. A hospital management system is a software or a web-based application that integrates the various departments of a hospital and connects them with a single interface. An HMS digitizes a hospital’s workflow to streamline its processes better and make them completely paperless. Whether it is the front desk, patient management, pharmacy, clinical services department, or more, an HMS takes care of it all.
HMS is immensely beneficial, especially for growing hospitals. So, if you haven’t considered getting one for your hospital yet, let us tell you why you should.

Why use an integrated Hospital Management System?

Improved Efficiency

A manual system can result in too many human errors and a lot can get lost in the paperwork. On the other hand, being a computer-based application, an integrated HMS is known to greatly improve efficiency as it eliminates the errors caused by human intervention.

Easy access to data

Whether you want to look at a patient’s medical history or an employee’s data, you no longer need to dig deep into a bunch of files. HMS makes it extremely easy to access data and you can access any data related to the hospital in just a few clicks.

Refined Workflow

Whether a patient wants to book an appointment or a doctor wants to check the availability of an operation theatre, HMS makes it all possible. A patient no longer needs to call in to check when the appointments are available as it can easily be booked on the phone via HMS. Similarly, HMS also makes work very convenient at the hospital-level.

Data Security

HMS is a secure system that ensures that your data is safe and secure. Being cloud-based, HMS also ensures the easy retrieval of data. In a manual system, there are chances of data getting lost but not in the case of an HMS.

Enhanced Patient Experience

Making your hospital HMS-enabled will go a long way in ensuring an overall enhanced patient experience. Since your healthcare operations will become more effective and efficient, it will leave a lasting impression on the patients.

How HMS improves the productivity of hospitals?

All in all, a hospital management system is a highly effective tool that takes care of everything without the hospital staff having to worry about a thing. When everything is automated and at the ease of a click, it allows the hospital to productively engage in other important aspects of work. Moreover, HMS helps save a lot of time, hence improving the overall productivity of the hospital.

Micropro’s ‘HospyCare’ is one such hospital management system developed to manage a hospital’s information in an efficient manner while trying to eradicate major flaws that occur in the manual system. HospyCare takes care of a host of departments within a hospital and works to ensure that all the processes are flawlessly streamlined. HospyCare is extensively used in major hospitals not just in India but also globally across the UAE, Africa, and more.

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