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Micropro Dinshaw's Case Study

The Company

Dinshaw’s was established in the year 1932 by Dinshaw and Erachshaw Rana. It started out as a dairy business in Gittikhadan, Nagpur. Their obsession with expanding the business resulted in the birth of “Dinshaw’s Ice- cream”. By the mid-fifties they decided to extend ice cream eating into the non-summer months and in turn, hand-churners were replaced with vertical freezers Spanning across India, Dinshaw’s was a dream come true of two enterprising brothers, Dinshaw and Erachshaw Rana. Their constant emphasis on quality consciousness and innovating with new flavours gave people ice creams that truly were delightful. This success led Dinshaw’s to expand into several dairy products.

  • Complexity in distribution channels owing to difficulties in implementing scheme across the channel
  • Multiple distribution points resulting in issues with Inventory Consolidation
  • Manual reporting by Sales Force delayed decision making by Management
  • Visibility issue of their vast Distributor Network and SKU penetration across the Channel

Mircopro’s OpenSys-Logix Distribution Management System gives complete visibility to distribution channel from suppliers to end customers. It connects the whole complex chain that most distributors face nowadays. Distributor Management System allows organizing, analyzing and making the distribution channel work flawless in less time with more accuracy. With tightly integrated modules all distribution processes are automated there by improving the operational efficiencies.

Demand Forecasting
Our system will use powerful analytical tools to analyze historical data and current market trends to suggest future product(s) demands. The distribution ERP solutions also analyze data and provide comprehensive reports for better decision making.

Distribution Management
System will Maintain and update data of demand and supply in the entire chain that will improve the operational efficiency.

Minimize Errors and help Timely Deliveries
Our automated system will improve order processing function resulting in timely deliveries with
minimum error & ultimately customer satisfaction.

  • Exclusive BI reports for Management
  • Highly Flexible Price List Management across the distribution channel
  • Industry specific scheme module to handle wide range of schemes and its management
  • Optimizing Marketing expenses by effective accounting and sanctioning of advertising material across the distribution channel
  • Improved Asset Traceability
  • Improved Visibility of secondary sales
  • 1800+ Locations covered under this application with 70+ Branch Locations, 190+ Super Distributor Locations & 1600+ Distributor Locations.
  • 2500+ users working on the application at a given time with 150+ Management Users, 1500+ Distributor User, 250+ Super Distributor Users, 900+ Field Sales
  • On an average 5000+ Sale Order processed using the DMS application Monthly
  • On an average 2000+ invoices processed using the DMS application Monthly
  • On an average 16500+ transaction handled by the DMS application Monthly
  • On an average 7000+ liter volume of sales achieved Monthly
  • On an average 132lakh Rupees Sales achieved Monthly
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