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Micropro Kataline Case Study

The Company

KATALINE as a vision was seen with exemplary clarity in the year 1999. Years that have passed by have seen the company grow step by step in the dynamic arena of infrastructure while contributing in incomparable measure towards road safety. From just being a road marking contractor, the company diversified into the production of road marking materials & equipment. KATALINE has earned a remarkable reputation in trustworthiness, all because of a strong customer focused approach and the continuous quest for world class quality which has enabled it to attain and sustain leadership in its chosen line of business and it continues to leave its foot prints through the nation and beyond.

At KATALINE, road marking is not just a product but a complete science of road safety.
KATALINE specializes in all aspects of road marking craft viz. production of road marking
materials, road marking equipment and execution of Turnkey Road Marking contracts.
KATALINE is the foremost company having nationwide market presence, with offices &
distributors in all corners of the country and a commendable marking experience on highways
and airports.

KATALINE is an ISO 9001 certified group both for manufacturing of road marking materials and execution of road marking contracts. With a production capacity of 100000 MT of powdered thermoplastic & cold plastics and 10000 Kiloliters of cold paint, KATALINE is one of the largest manufacturer of quality road marking
materials in the country.

Quality, Durability, Reliability in everything we do. That’s why the Road Marking industry trust KATALINE.

  • Eliminating Manual processes in Project process
  • Ensuring consistency and accuracy of commercial Information shared.
  • Ensuring consistency and accuracy of commercial Information shared.

KATALINE has its head quarter at Nagpur and has its Manufacturing unit near Dhamna, Dist. Nagpur. They have established themselves as a trustworthy manufacturer, supplier and service provider of Road Infra and Road Marking Products. Our range includes Road Marking Paints, Road Studs, Manual Thermoplastic Applicator, Semi-Automatic Road marking machine, Road Safety LED, Rectangular Reflectors, Highway Marking Products, and Airfield Marking Products.

The raw material used in the production of these products is sourced from trusted and reliable vendors of the market. They have undertaken various project of Road Marking with reference to PO/WO (Apply and Supply) services. Some of factors were tested and allocated before start of Project such as Site surveillance, Team Mobilization, Daily Measurement, Daily Consumption, Daily Expenses, Running Abstract Bill and etc.

Eliminating Manual processes in Project process
There was a need to automate manual processes that were not standardized, cumbersome and error-prone resulting in draining both time and money. Streamlining of important day-to-day tasks across the Kataline was needed to boost productivity and reduce operation cost and other overhead expenses.

Ensuring consistency and accuracy of commercial Information
The Kataline needed to be agile in quickly identify problems in the business, and take immediate corrective action so that it can set and monitor progress towards the goal. To achieve it the Project execution needed to coordinate and share data across departments in consistent and accurate form. 

Real-time reporting and Data consistency across departments 
The Kataline needed a centralized system where the commercial data entered at one point gets updated in subsequent departments without any manual intervention. This happens in real time keeping data updated and secured without data duplication enabling real time report generation as required by the Kataline.


KATALINE started using the Micropro’s Web Based Centralized Financial System having Finance, Purchase, Sales, Store, HR and Manufacturing Module for consolidating annual reports. Integration of Micropro’s Budget, Finance and Inventory module with KATALINE’s existing system helped the Kataline to keep track and provide budget head wise disbursement and expenditure reports in real time. 

It allowed the users to link any purchase or works contract to the budget code and expenses to get work order details like total value of contract, payments & deductions made and balance amount due to the contractor. The New system also maintains and tracks details of Bank Guarantee submitted by the contractor.


Higher integration for efficiency in Project Management
Due to integration of Daily Measurement, Daily Expenses, Daily Consumption time required for preparation has reduced by 70-80 %. This has resulted in hassle free Operating Unit wise Project Measurement consolidation, Updating and Approving.

Transparency and Control through Detailed Real-Time Reporting
Since the data is centralized and in standardized format, Daily Measurement statements, Daily expense statements and Daily Consumption Statements are available to the HO in real-time with respective site supervisor.

Accurate and Consistent data through Automation
Since the system is completely automated with tight integration between various modules, the data in the system is 99% accurate and consistent. Regular monitoring of this data helps in early detection of problems and immediate corrective steps can be taken proactively by the Kataline.

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